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Presentations will begin at 10 am on the 

2nd Thursday of each month, followed by a brief business meeting.

All Presentations and Meetings will be conducted on Zoom

September 10, 2020

Program:   Engage Others as You Would Engage Your Plants - 

Brenda Crocker, president of the Garden Club of North Carolina, offers insights into what the the state Club is achieving to engage its members. 

October 8, 2020

Program: Beyond Daffodils and Tulips

Bulbs aren't just for springtime bloom.  In the South, bulbs can be an integral part of a garden throughout the year. Kit Flynn, avid gardener and garden writer, will introduce us to a broader selection of beautiful bulbs, explaining how to use them in the garden.  She will discuss bulbs, corms, tubers, rhizomes, and tuberous roots. 

If you missed this presentation, click here for the recording.  Access Password is Ye9*b^L0

Beautiful Humming Bird
Rock Balancing

November 12, 2020


Program: Becoming Friends

Master Gardener volunteer and Club Member Frances Harris, along with her husband Bill, also a Master Gardener volunteer, will discuss the benefits of using native and non-native plants to build garden diversity for the benefit of pollinators and other wildlife. They will use pictures of their garden to demonstrate their design principles and its development as the garden matures. 

If you missed this presentation, click here.  The link for this recording is available through December 12, 2020. Access Passcode is p4cLRn6!


December 10, 2020


Program: Holiday Decorating

Club Member Alice Moore will present a program on holiday decorating using the influence of Williamsburg, Virginia to create a traditional style for the home.

If you missed this presentation, click here. 


Forest Trees

January 14, 2021 


Program: What You Need to Know About Genetically Modified Foods

Club Member Sharon Billings will share valuable information on genetically modified foods and their effect on the environment. 


Wooden Reindeer

February 11, 2021


Program: Nothing New Under the Sun

Janice Little, Director of Public Programs at Duke Gardens, will discuss nature's ability to solve problems and how that approach can be useful in your garden. 


Flowers for Sale

March 11,2021


Program: Landscaping for Wildlife with Native Plants

Debbie Roos, Chatham County Agriculture Agent, will discuss guidelines for landscaping with native plants and highlight some favorite trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, and grasses that benefit pollinators, birds, mammals, and other wildlife.


April 8, 2021


Program: Planting Containers and Small Gardens

Master Gardener Leigh Simpson will offer tips on how to make your small yard, patio, porch and containers something of stunning beauty. 


Purple and Pink Hanging Flowers
NCDOT Wildflower Sign (1).jpg

May 13, 2021


Program: Pruning Your Japanese Maples

Club Member Penny Rand will demonstrate the proper techniques for pruning Japanese maples. 



June 10, 2021


Program: The Wonders of Duke Gardens

Club Member Ann Sebesan, who is also a docent at Duke Gardens, will take us on a virtual tour, noting points of special interest. 


Field of Flowers
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