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Programs and Presentations


Please enjoy our Programs and Presentations

September 9, 2021              Program:   The Wonders of Duke Gardens

Come along with Ann Sebesan for a virtual tour of Duke Gardens. You will see many well known highlights as well as some little known gems. You will learn about the changes and additions made during COVID’s time of isolation. After the meeting, a follow up in person group tour of Duke Gardens will be scheduled for a later date.

October 14, 2021                  Program: Making Our Environment More Sustainable

Terry Hackett, Stormwater and Environmental Services Manager at Town of Hillsborough, will share ways we can use natural plants and materials, compost blankets, and rain gardens to enhance and enrich our environment.

Beautiful Humming Bird

November 11, 2021                Program: “Growing Bugs to Save Our Birds”


Sarah Meadows will tell us about selecting native plants and creating habitat for caterpillars and insects to feed baby birds.


December 9, 2021               Program: Holiday Decorating

Holiday Craft Share and possible cookie exchange - Bring your favorite holiday craft ideas for show and tell. Learn about new projects you may want to try, and as a bonus, enjoy the opportunity to get to know about the talents and ideas of your fellow garden club members. Depending on COVID regulations, we will have our annual cookie exchange.

Wooden Reindeer
Forest Trees

January 13, 2022           Program: Treeist

Craig Nishimoto, known as the “Treeist”, will share insights into the local tree industry; what to watch out for in buying and caring for trees; and secret tips from an insider. He will relate how to become ambassadors for trees with your neighbors and friends.

Presentation Link: Treeist


February 10, 2022          Program: Foodscape Revolution​

Brie Arthur, author of Foodscape Revolution, will help us look at underutilized spaces in our homes and communities in new ways. She will show us that food does not need to be grown in isolated patches; it can be interplanted with non-food ornamental plants for year round beauty.

Presentation Link:  Foodscape Revolution

March 10, 2022          Program:  Winter Sowing 

Winter sowing is a fun and easy way to get gardening - even in the middle of winter. By creating little greenhouses this method takes advantage of natural temperatures.  An added benefit of winter sowing is that plants are already hardened off for planting and often do better than plants grown under grow lights.   

April 14 ,2022          Program: “Photography in the Garden”


Judy Brown will share tips on improving garden photography skills. She will tell about how she uses her photographs to make the lovely
greeting cards that she sells at the Hillsborough farmer’s market. 


Purple and Pink Hanging Flowers

May 12, 2022          Program: Ramble Rill Farms


Jane Saiers and Daren Knapp grow certified organic vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, and herbs. They keep chickens and goats. In addition, they offer a variety of educational programs on nature, ecology, food, and farming. We will meet at Ramble Rill Farms (913 Arthur Minnis Road, Hillsborough), tour the facility, and learn about ways we can strengthen our gardening skills



Field of Flowers

June 9, 2022      Program: Visit Carol Stanton’s garden in Efland.


Carol is developing ways to use native plants in garden design and improving the soil. Her four acres include a field, wooded areas, ponds, and a traditional landscape near her home. After the tour, we will have a pot luck lunch. Carol has plenty of places for us to spread out as needed.


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