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Presentations will begin at the designated time (listed below) followed by a brief business meeting.

Please note the date and time as we are offering evening and Saturday presentations this year.   

September 8, 2022,  Hillsborough United Methodist Church,

social at 9:30 am, meeting at 10 am


Program: From the Ground Up Roundtable Discussion

Noted horticulturist Bob Peoples will share his tips for composting and using vermiculture to help build a better garden from the ground up. Better soil means healthier plants that are better able to withstand insect damage and extremes in weather, not to mention the beautiful blooms, fruit, and vegetable products. This will be a “roundtable” where members can also share what has worked for them (and what hasn’t.)

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 2.08.06 PM.png

October 13, 2022,    Hillsborough United Methodist Church, 

social at 5 pm; meeting at 5:30 pm


Program: How Recipes Tell Stories

Sheri Castle, award-winning food writer (Our State), cook, recipe developer, cooking teacher, public speaker, and raconteur, will share how recipes reveal fascinating things about our lives, families, and communities. Sheri is the host of The Key Ingredient on PBS NC. Each episode highlights a single ingredient and includes field trips, cook-alongs with chefs in their home kitchens, and her all-time favorite recipes.

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November 10, 2022, Hillsborough United Methodist Church,

social at 9:30 am, meeting at 10 am

Program: Holiday Decorating

Join HGC member Alice Moore as she presents a program on gardening during the Victorian age and the celebration of a Victorian Christmas. Enjoy learning some little known facts about Queen Victoria and how she was the first "influencer" during her reign of almost 64 years.  

Everyone will create a lovely holiday treasure to take home.  Please bring your small pruners to the meeting.  

Wooden Reindeer

December 4, 2022 (Sunday), 404 N. Churton Street, Hillsborough,

tailgate 2:30 pm, parade at 4pm

Program: Light Up the Night Tailgate Party

Bring your lawn chairs and blankets to HGC member Valerie Blettner’s front yard (404 N. Churton Street) and watch the Hillsborough Holiday parade while enjoying time together. The parade starts at 4:00, so come in time to see the parade from its beginning through Santa’s arrival!

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January 14, 2023 (Saturday), Orange County Cooperative Extension Office, 1020 US Highway 70 West, Suite 130, Hillsborough, 

social at 9:30 am, meeting at 10 am

Program: Winter Sowing to Jump Start Your Garden

HGC President Tammy Dorfman will demonstrate winter sowing, an easy way to start seeds outside during the winter months. Seeds are planted in miniature greenhouses made from recycled plastic containers and then put outside. The seeds germinate at their own pace.

February 9, 2023, Hillsborough United Methodist Church,

social at 9:30 am, meeting at 10 am

Program: The Eno River - Our Treasure

Audrey Vaughn of the Eno River Association will share the critical ecological, historical, and cultural importance of the Eno River and how the river supplies us with drinking water and recreational activities. She will also share everyday behaviors that we can engage in that support river conservation efforts.

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 1.53.49 PM.png

March 9, 2023, Orange County Historical Museum, 201 N. Churton Street,

social at 9:30 am, meeting at 10 am

Program: Secrets of the Collection 

Tour of the Orange County Historical Museum Courtney Smith, exhibits coordinator for the Orange County Historical Museum, will take us on a tour of the permanent collection and new exhibit, with some behind-the-scenes stories and little-known historical details. The Museum was initiated by the Garden Club in 1957.

April 13, 2023, Duke Gardens Visitors Center,

420 Anderson St., Durham, 10 am

Program: Walking Tour of Duke Gardens

HGC Vice President and Duke Gardens Docent Ann Sebesan will lead a tour of the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. She will highlight what is in Spring bloom and share the special opportunities available at the garden. Wear comfortable shoes.

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 1.56.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 2.01.22 PM.png

May 11, 2023, Hillsborough United Methodist Church

social at 9:30 am, meeting at 10 am

Program: Gardening for Leps
Liar Carlson of Backyard Butterflies 
will present an introduction to creating and growing a combination of host and nectar plants that support the Lepidoptera (Leps) life cycles of butterflies and moths. The presentation will include a review of each stage of the life cycle with videos showing the amazing process of metamorphosis; and will address the importance of supporting this keystone species.

June 8, 2023, Hillsborough United Methodist Church, 

social at 5 pm; meeting at 5:30 pm

Program: Gardening for Joy and Abundance 

Christine Liloia, habitat gardens curator at the NC Botanical Garden, will discuss how to promote insect biodiversity in the garden and in your home landscapes.

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