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Hillsborough Garden Tour 2023
May 6th
"Untamed. Unexpected. Unbelievable!"


Creekside Garden, Tom Stevens & Debbie Simmers

This lovely triangular shaped garden in the historic district includes rambling ferns and hellebores along a shady creek.  


Max Patch Garden, Gary Keuber & Carson Harkrader 

There are many different parts of the garden including sunny and shaded beds, ferns, vegetables, perennials and a young fruit orchard.


The Equator, Michael Schuamann

The owner has traveled extensively in Bolivia and Columbia introducing him to a world of exotic flora he had never expected, many of which he propagates. 


Evergreen, Alice and Joe Moore

Over 200 trees and shrubs were planted by the owners on this 4 acre property which is bordered by the Indian Trading Path and Ayr Mount.


The Snug, Elaine & Glenn O'neil

The Snug is a multipurpose backyard with pizza oven, studio, vegetable garden and flower borders abundant in color, which give Elaine inspiration for her colorful textile artwork. 


Oaks-n-Bliss, Sharon & Ken Billings

This property is in the midst of activity of Hillsborough and still an oasis that is friendly to birds and pollinators.  


Red Barn Productions, Cat & Mike Lupa

The garden is inspired by hugelkultur, where the owners use decaying logs and leaf matter to feed the soil/plants.  


Roots & Wings Garden, Tammy & George Dorfman

With a focus on creating habitats for birds, bees and butterflies, more than 200 native trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials have been added to the property in the past five years. 


New Friends Garden, Myranda Meeks 

It is a small pollinator and shrub garden with spring bulbs and interesting four season shrubs which will mature and enhance the house over time. 


Garden Paths, Beverly & John DeMao

Adding family favorite and bird friendly plants while also providing privacy has been the goal on our small property. 

Bee Haven, Amber Short & Russell Everett

Our trips abroad visiting Irish and English gardens were the inspiration for this messy, perennial space. 


Windsong, Penny Rand

The honeybees adore the flowers and the many hollies, which will ultimately become a modern sculpted holly wall. 


Frog Hollow Gardens, Lily & John Gilmore

The garden began with twenty rose plants near the pond; a monarch butterfly garden has been added to the front of the house. 

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