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Seed Distribution - NC Botanical Garden donated 200 Wildflower of the Year seed packets for the Club to distribute. Member, Dolly Hunnell, obtained baskets for the seeds.  The seeds were distributed at Gro Smart on S. Churton, the Farm and Garden Center on Hwy 86 N and at Board Member, Penny Rand’s,  house and garden. 


PublicityNews of Orange, Word on the Street published an announcement of activities and information on the free seed distribution; the Town of Hillsborough Media Staff composed a Press Release guided by Board Member, Sarah Meadows, which was distributed through their website and the usual outlets; an email was sent to all HGC members with the Pollinator Week Agenda, and Website and Facebook links.


Virtual Activities - Bee City Subcommittee Members researched a wide selection of on line resources and links, which were uploaded to the HGC website. Among those was a bee to color for the I Spy a Bee Challenge.


Facebook - Our page was connected with other organizations, as well as our Facebook group to broaden our reach. Facebook promoted our site each day throughout Durham and Orange counties. New pollinator resources were posted to our Facebook page each day. Several of our Club members have shared these posts on their Facebook page, local Neighbors' groups, and other groups throughout the community.


Results - During the week ending on June 7, 2020, our Club received an 800% increase in reactions to postings on our Facebook page. The page has a 37% response rate. On June 3, 2020 we had 186 followers, and by the end of that week Posts about Pollination had reached 4,505 people and had 16 video views. In addition to individuals, our page has been liked by two organizations: Discover the Wild and Healthy Yards. We are pleased to have views from so many people outside our Club. We will continue to post frequent news from our own club, our state garden club, and related gardening and conservations organizations. 

Next Steps - Multiple daily posts will continue, as well as to connect with other on line groups who would benefit or who have a similar mission.


To stay abreast, like our Facebook page HILLSBOROUGH GARDEN CLUB

Miss Molly Butterfly Bush, Buddleia

from Windsong Garden,

Penny Rand,

Club Member and Master Gardener 

Accomplishments of Pollinator Week 2020
How successful were we in promoting Pollinator Week
once we had to go "Virtual"?
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